About Me

Anna Maria MICHALSKA – The emotion of colours

Anna Maria Michalska is an emerging English artist that has spent the recent years of her personal and artistic life across England, Poland, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. Living and working within a creative ambience, has enabled her to explore several avenues both didactically and personally within her art.

Born in Leicester, UK, in 1975, Michalska studied Decorative Arts at the Nottingham Trent University, with a specialism in print design. Later becoming an art teacher.

Anna’s inspiration comes from artists like Pollock as well as from the surrealism of Dali, Chagall, Frida Kahlo and the recent encounter with one of the master’s of the Italian surrealism, Lanfranco.
Her current work follows an exploration of colours and movement. Images are profound yet tactile, strong yet sublime. Layers of colour, evolving from the canvas create a true deepness and an interest with varying viewpoints, allowing the viewer feel absorbed within.

Photos by – © Clemens Laub

Video by Christian Anderegg – – © Christian Anderegg