July-Sept 2014- “Artspace” ‘ Looking Back’ Curve Theatre, Cultural Quarter, Leicester


Anna left fresh artistic traces in all the countries she has been living in the last 15 years, shaping her work with the different colours, sounds, forms and people she came across, during her life changing experiences in Italy, Spain, Poland, Switzerland and her native England.

The results have been visible in all the exhibitions she carried out across Europe, where she managed to draw interest and attention.

Highlights of her most significant solo and collective exhibitions are listed in this section.

Cortina Gallery Milan


“After being fortunate to meet the curator Franco Piccinato. I was offered a contact with Stefano Cortina of the renowned Milan gallery -The Cortina Gallery, which was established in 1962.

The Gallery, has a long tradition of exhibitions and cultural events. It is tucked away in a beautiful courtyard in a historical neighbourhood of Milan. This was a real turning point, in terms of producing a substantial collection of work, and moving forwards professionally.”

Arte Art


“Moving to Switzerland, I searched for some potential art associations close to where I was living and came across Arte art. This was a really interesting project run by an artist and innovator ‘Pascal’in the chateau of a beautiful vineyard. Full of interesting spaces and quirky artists.”

Palazzo Pigozzi



May 2009 – Galleria Cortina, Milano, Italy
March 2009 – ArteArt, Hauterive (NE), Switzerland
October 2008- Palazzo Ducale, Revere (MN), Italy
June 2008 – Palazzo Pigozzi, Pieve di Coriano (MN), Italy


September 2014-Melbourne Arts Festival, Melbourne, Uk
July 2014- “Artspace” ‘ Looking Back’ Curve Theatre, Cultural Quarter, Leicester
July 2014 – Art this way, Loughborough, UK trail
February 2014- Leicester OPEN 25, Leicester, UK( DeMontfort prize winner)
September 2013 – Melbourne Art Festival, Melbourne, UK
July 2013 – Artspace “Down to Earth”, Charnwood Museum, Loughborough UK
July 2013 – Art this way, Loughborough, UK trail
May 2013 – NSA Gallery, Nottingham, UK
April 2013 – Ellerington Gallery, Leicester, UK
March 2013 – Leicester OPEN, Leicester, UK
March 2013 – SOCK exhibition, Loughborough UK
July 2012 – Art this way, Loughborough, UK trail
December 2012 – Artspace @christmas,Loughborough UK
August 2007- Atelier Gallery, Porta Venezia, Milan, Italy.
July 2007 – Palazzo Pigozzi,Pieve di Coriano, Mantova, Italy.
April 2007 – 2×2 Exhibition, Charnwood Museum, Loughborough, UK.
December 2006 – Artspace at Christmas – City Gallery, Leicester, UK.
September 2006 – Art at Oakham Castle, Oakham, Rutland, UK. (Contemporary Art Award Winner, NADFAS)
June 2006- ‘On Reflection’, (Artspace) The Generator Gallery, Loughborough, UK.
January 2006 – Circolo Magnolia, Milan, Italy.
September 2005 – Gallery 18, Loughborough, UK.
September 2005 – Arte Para Todos, Valencia, Spain.
July 2004 – Cool Carmen, Valencia, Spain.
December 2003 – Moments Art, Valencia, Spain.
June 2000 – Masonic Hall, Nottingham, UK.
June 1998 – The New Designers Exhibition, London, UK.