5 weeks Starting on;  Wednesday, April 27th -25th May  1-3pm.

Woodhouse Community Hall- opposite church, 207 Forest Rd, Old Woodhouse. LE12 8TZ

This is a wonderful group of creative souls. All at different moments on their creative journeys. Some coming along to evolve and some restarting their creative paths. 

This class is a safe space to evolve through creativity and I may at times pull in some additional grounding techniques. Such as breathwork and visualisation.

I will be implementing some of the core creative fundamentals into the class such as; line, colour, shape, form, value, space & texture. With examples & discussions. 

 Our Theme this course is: Butterflies & Bones .  A beautifully intricate and colourful theme.

We will be looking at collections of butterflies and animals bones as inspiration. Creating textural collages, bold colourful marks and anatomical understanding through observation. Connecting to all elements within nature gives a deeper connection of ourselves and where we fit into the natural world. An exciting theme!

There will be a strong emphasis into personal development of work & style. Supporting & evolving with gentle guided support from me and this lovely group together. 

Price includes refreshments and a delicious snack. 

Art Sessions- weekly payment