On Saturday 3rd July from 10am- 4pm

I will be sharing and welcoming you to my studio space in my garden. Nestled in the Charnwood Forest.

 This day retreat is aimed at a limited number of participants who wish to step into and experience creativity with new eyes and perspective.

With a wholesome light lunch & homemade teas, refreshments & treats. The experience will be far more than what meets the eye.

Using the breath, gentle support, natural therapies and guidance to explore a whole new way of painting from a space of freedom and experimentation. 

Stepping out of the head and painting with heart. 

Following guided steps and techniques participants will focus, connect, and expand. Evolving loosening up, letting go of expectations, having fun and allowing paintings to unfold naturally. Participants will paint on large scale canvases. This invitation is open to anyone. Whether you are looking to expand your artistic language or simply delve into it.

A gift to you. All materials and lunch & refreshments included in the price.

Open the Creative - Full Day Retreat