How to Make Magic

No matter what I am teaching or creating.

Regardless of age, ability or gender there are certain elements or ‘rules’ that have proven effective to coerce people (or myself) into a creative space. Observing people working through these places and gently moving into a further open ground is not only fulfilling to me but I know has a powerful and positive effect on that individual or group.

Mindset- Intention

This isn’t always about the outcome but the intention that you wish to bring to the creative practice. Whether it’s simply a slowing of pace. A refocus. A recalibration. Or perhaps simply learning through doing.

The intention is important- keep it in mind.

Idea – Technique

Always good to develop ideas and learn new techniques but don’t get overwhelmed with the idea of perfection.

Keep working with different marks and create surfaces.

Take new styles/ways that you find useful, on board but stay true to your true self your work will always go back there anyway.

Process- Flow

Almost blur your eyes and jump right in there. Believe that you will pull something out by really REALLY enjoying the flow and rotate through this to evolve.

Mind Monkeys- Fear

And so they arrive, these cheeky little fellas to ‘trick’ you into thinking that you are not worthy, your piece of work is not good enough. Why bother trying. They are there for everyone. Respect them, thank them but let them go.

Better together

Take a break. Step back. Look really look. Ask someone else to look with fresh eyes. Ask your cat what he thinks.

Breathe – Almost there

When you’ve had a little dialogue. Big deep breaths and back in flow for the final tweaks and additions or possibly even subtractions.

Ta dah! – Magic

Reflect on this journey. Where have you been what have you seen. What have you gained from this process -if those chimps try to creep back in to knock you back, throw them a banana.

Enjoy the Magic x

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