A cat’s way

During this period of pacing down. Of becoming more atuned to nature and all beauty that lies wherein. I have had more opportunity to observe the musings of my cat, arnie. He doesn‘t depend on timings he uses the sun,moon and temperature of the day to decipher his movements. Spending lots of time finding sunspots to sleep in during the day. Then using the moon to guide him to food & amusement in the evening. His presence is a calming ebb and flow with his purring. And his eyes hold an infinite wisdom, like he has seen many things in his (cats) lifetimes. Animals teach us, that communication is not just with word or sounds but movement and gesture.

Be kind to any living beings and they too in turn will reflect that kindness, bringing warmth into your heart. Rekindle your connection to the world around you. Follow the pace that is cat. Perhaps not sleeping quite so much. But definitely settling down into your skin. Wishing you all


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