Activating- Rising

There is a nice saying from Picasso; ‘Inspiration exists but it needs to finding you working’.

Often the conscious logical mind can block you from activating your subconscious and stepping into the creative. With feelings of what’s the point and notgoodenoughness. But I have realised the only way to stop this over thought pattern is to stop it in its tracks. And get your creative moving.

Doing, actually gets the circuit and flow moving and shifting correctly. Vibrations slowly begin to rise and shift like a big deep breath. In fact, I often find that breath is the first ( and simplest) place to begin. And closing your eyes, closing off just one of the senses is enough. Then opening and purging images, paint, marks onto surface- paper, canvas, clay, stone. A ‘doing something’ will always create an energetic activation.

Allow yourself to fall into this space of disconnect. And these knowings are often happen serendipitously which is what makes creativity simply magic. And we the magicians.

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