Having time to Settle into your creative.

After the dust settles, the anxiety in the air calms we will have a chance to settle into our inner creative. I have over the years, had many a conversation with fellow creatives about what is your way of working. For me, I have found that I tend to have creative flurries. Intense periods of producing. It sometimes feels like I’m almost painting blindly. And at the end I’ll open my eyes And be surprised by what I have produced.

This isn’t to say I don’t research, draw and spend a LOT of time in my headspace.

I think given that we may be heading in the direction of space in the next few months. May we embrace be moving forward into our creative. Be it revisiting art, music, writing. This is the ethos of joy from which I teach my adult students. Those that have time to rediscover themselves. The wisdom that I gain from the children in my classes is insightful. A willingness to try.

A long, long time ago, I wrote a forwarding letter about being creative and exploring community. Art certainly lifts the spirits for many, just the application of line or colour on paper is a rediscovery. My community act of kindness will be that I will be making content for those that are more remote to tap into to explore their creative. Deeper. This will heal on so many levels.

And like the lotus we all bloom.

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