I can’t Draw...

I feel that now is the right time for me to write this post. I’m feeling burdened by other people’s ‘can’ts’. and reasonings into why they are blocked from

stepping into their creative skin.

As I mentioned in a conversation yesterday, I wasn’t born from womb with a paintbrush in my hand.

But, over time and practice it has become a very comfortable extension of my being.

So this inner narrative of what makes something good, what makes something worthy, what a teacher told you, what a parent told you, comparing yourself to someone else. It is time to delve into why you would choose to eliminate a practice so peaceful.

A practice which is an intrinsic part of our very soul.

It is what makes human beings, human beings.

As we know, early mankind was drawing their own experiences on the walls of cave as a direct means of communicating their activities. Over time and history these have progressed to the art of the pyramids, then of the craftsperson into the artist.

But, but, you do not need an official title to draw. Every child starts off their learning path by scribbling line moving later into more shape... moving much later into form. Then around school age there comes this inner ‘judge’ of what I can and can’t do.

This is where we have to stop.

Drawing allows the intuitive to come to the fore.

We are tapping into the focussed observer. The copier of what we see through our own individual hand and no other. We are quietening the soul in a state similar to meditation. We are doing it for ourselves and no other. Stop this judgement. Or if it needs to be used, use it only as a tool for making adjustments and no more. Just as you were taught that you need to memorise timestables, to write words. So too, do you need to draw. And your children need to draw. As it is only through drawing and tapping into our calm and peaceful place will we find solutions to all our problems. N.B

drawing is still the core of the car you are driving, the kitchen, cooker and kettle you make your food in,the clothes you wear, the bike you ride, the pattern on your duvet.

Think laterally not literally and I ask you one thing.

Draw something today for me. 💫

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