La Vie En Rose

Updated: May 17, 2019

"Life in happy hues," "Life seen through happy lenses," "Life in rosy hues"; its literal meaning is "Life in Pink."

I have for the past couple of years been doing a colour therapy qualification to become a colour therapist and have finally submitted ( and passed my course work ☺ ) and now need to put forward for my final exam.

You may ask why I decided to do the colour therapy course.

Well, since leaving university what seems like moons ago now. I have driven my life in many directions creative. Working and living abroad teaching English and art, volunteering in a theatre school with adults with additional needs and then after having a family coming home to ground.

Through grounding physically, I have very much used my visual arts to ‘fly’ and have a strong fascination with colour and physics.

This passion has developed more and more, to the point where I wanted to explore more thoroughly the actual science, psychology, meaning and spirituality of how colour can be used to project, release and heal. Following in some ways similar principles to the law of attraction.

‘Colours have been proven to affect our moods and perception, and there is evidence of this form of therapy dating back to ancient Egypt, historic China and ages-old India. In fact, healing by means of colour and light was the first type of ‘therapy’ used by man.’

(Natural School of Health)

The importance of colour

There has been research in psychology and neuroscience to show the effect that colour has on our hormones and brains. This can in turn effect on our behaviour, mood and general well being. So there is a strong correlation between how we feel and the colours we choose. Light is made of colours, and when it hits the retina, it converts into electrical impulses that passes onto the hypothalamus, which in turn affects our hormones. Different colours have different wavelengths and therefore they affect the endocrine system and consequently our mood and stress levels in different ways.

‘ Life in Pink ‘

The colour pink is the colour of universal love of oneself and of others. Pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability. 

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