Vunerability, although relative, is often seen as a weakness or an exposing of the emotions.

Creativity and art can often feel like that, in fact there is no other way to explain when you feel like your inner work is exposed upon a wall or easel.

I often say that my studio is where my heart and mind truly lie. And there, I cannot create boundaries because it is exposure in its' truest, rawest form (for me) from the heart. It is the closest way that I can connect to energy within and energy surrounding.

A bundle of thoughts and intention.

Energy work in its' realest sense is the process of delayering the self. A journey into the inner. Dwelling in those macro universes, working on a cellular level is where you find essence.

So next time you find yourself looking into the mirror( choose the metaphor as you wish).

Allow yourself to occasionally really spend time to truthfully step into your vunerable space, to convey this real part of you, with it brings pure sincerity to your essence and in turn igniting the dynamic ability to recover from the state of man-made hazard.

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