Connecting to Inner Peace

When we connect to inner peace we align ourselves to our inner knowing. We quieten the noise of the external. We re-centre and fall into alignment and synchronicity with the deep loving heart.

When experienced it is like a resonance of energy finding a way to the surface. Beautiful. peaceful.

Wherever you are. Whatever your circumstances this space is being held open to you.

Opening the heart and connecting. By sharing energy we become conduits for all that is pure and good. To send healing and peace to all of those spaces in between.

Using balance, cedarwood or lavender to promote feelings of soothing and a softness into the heart. Put a drop in the hand, closing the eyes and inhaling for 3 breaths.

Sitting comfortably. Soft yet stable.

As we are conduits for energy

If you wish to place amethyst in the left hand to receive strength and rose quartz in the right to give love if you don't have crystals imagine the soft purple in your left hand and gentle pink in your right

Beginning with a focus on the breath. Starting with the gentle rising and falling of the chest. begin by noting the steady rhythm of the breath for 3 in wards and releasing for 3 outwards. If you notice tightness anywhere in the body send that space some love and send peaceful breath to that place.

It is in Simplicity that we find Divinity.

Feel yourself being surrounded with the vibration of love, peace, and light.

What does it look like? is it a soft pink glow ? Ebbing inwards and outwards. Focus on that light. the gentle radiating pink to golden glow warming you from the inside out.

Bringing again your attention to the breath the inner and outer flow.

Feel the vibration of love, peace and light, now residing in you, into your immediate surroundings. Include all people known and unknown, as well as the entire universe with its stars, the Sun and the Moon. Allow the positive vibrations of love, peace, and light to penetrate your loved ones. Both human and animal form. Allow its vibratory energy to infiltrate all that you tend and care for, all that you love most deeply.

Bringing again your attention to the breath the inner and outer flow.

Think about the troubled areas of our world where unknown and known faces suffer. As you begin to perform the ritual of extending the energy of love, peace, and light to all become aware of the feeling of love, peace, and light entering your heart and expanding into a tingling uplifting presence.

Now, shift your thoughts and focus on the heart itself, with its feeling of expansion, love, peace, and light.

Follow the words as I guide you through the

The Prayer of Light

Love before me Love behind me Love at my left Love at my right Love above me Love below me Love unto me Love in my surroundings Love to all Love to the Universe Peace before me Peace behind me Peace at my left Peace at my right Peace above me Peace below me Peace unto me Peace in my surroundings Peace to all Peace to the UniverseLight before me Light behind me Light at my left Light at my right Light above me Light below me Light unto me Light in my surroundings Light to all Light to the Universe

'From helpless to empowered to enlightened. From victim to creator to conduit. From fear to courage to insight. From no choice to choice to no choice.'

( The inside out By Michael Neil)

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