What feels right

Consider your body your compass or weather vane.

Pointing in the right direction and noticing the subtleties of changes north -east. South -west etc.

When embarking on decision making, it is a nice practice to sit in silence. Eyes closed focussing on the breath. Breathing properly for a few minutes. Ask yourself a question. Then sit, sit and see how it feels in your physical body . If there is a tightness or resistance this is the break of flow. Or Qi energy. The circuit. Perhaps this isn’t right for you.

If you can breathe into the question and you feel your heart open those little tugs of extra

heart energy a nice excited beat. Then that is a yes. Make your own choices let your own body guide you. You are aligning and balancing with an inner knowing which you have always intuitively carried. But maybe never atuned with.

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