Slowness & calmness. Are feelings that should calm the soul. They conjure up the images of snow falling in a forest, a stream gently carrying twigs, an eagle gliding in air across a vibrantly green valley. It is interesting that we know we should be slowing down, noticing things. Details, feelings, others, ourselves.

But ‘being slow’ has also derrogatory connotations.

Meaning, you can’t keep up. But who are you trying to keep up with?

As philosopher Alan Watts summarised; ‘Speed is only if real advantage to you, if you’re the only person who has it.’

But the more you speed up, so to do the others surrounding you and you therefore end up trying to get to your intended place with more speed but less enjoyment.

When you slow down and start to observe. You the viewer, connect with pace as it should be seasonally (we are, after all, animals).

Then do you appreciate the world. The act of drawing, painting, going to an exhibition, walking. Just to reconnect to your heart beat is immense.

Slowing down has a worthy place. Find your pace. The real one you should be living by. ♥️

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