Peeling back the layers- Decluttering

As we evolve through our lives, we accumulate ‘things’.

Experiences, images, artefacts, memorabilia –layers.

These are as much ‘attracted’ to us though circumstance and mind-set, as well as we ourselves, believing that we drew these towards us. In creative analysis these are important. I strongly believe every mark, every image, every stage and every breath hold part of a clear conviction to our reaching inner open spaces and creative selves. These are our layers.

Layering up

When an idea enters your mind’s eye- move! If you don’t move, it won’t move and that leads to frustration.

I find a great way to progress beyond these frustrations is to go through a process of layering textures and colours onto a surface and create energy. Energy creates flow, so keep this build of movement be kinaesthetic-move physically as well as emotionally.

This can help prevent overwhelm.

Holding on

When in frequent motion you become more acutely aware of where you are holding on too tight. So you are already beginning to question can I let this go. Do I need this layer can it be extracted?

Stripping off - Subtraction

So when you have moved through motion, identification of things, exploration of colour, exploration of form. You may decide some of those things are unnecessary to create the essence of what you are looking for.

New Skin

It is only through the process of overload that we can find the simplification.

Have you ever noticed that the smallest task can involve the strongest barrier of procrastination. The practice of layering, motion and subtraction will lead to the point of pure simplification.


Reflect on this journey. Where have you been what have you seen in your mind’s eye and have you found your clear space through image and peace of mind?

What have you gained from this process?

Enjoy the Magic x

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